Women Bracelet 9 Carat – Things You Have to Consider

Every woman loves to wear an elegant piece of jewellery and nothing look batter on your wrist then Gold bracelet 9 carats. It makes you look more elegant. The bracelets come in various types. You can select the one you think suits your personality. It is a thing in women that they don’t like to wear things that are common. So, if you are one of them then don’t worry, as you can custom design your bracelet. Means you will have a piece that no one else has.  

What is a carat?

For those who don’t know about carat, they will learn here. It is a sign that represents gold purity. If the carat will increase means the gold purity percentage will increase too. For example, in a 9-carat gold bracelet, 37.5% gold is used. To make gold jewellery reliable, it is important to mix it with other materials. Because gold is not hard. So, if you are buying a readymade bracelet from a shop, always ask about a carat.

At the time you went out for the bracelet shopping, it is better if you make sure somethings, like the price of gold per carat. Because in market gold price never stay stable. The other factors you need to consider are as followed:

For what reason you are buying a bracelet?

Without any reason, no one went out to buy this an expensive gold bracelet. Like you read above that gold is a soft material, so if you are buying bracelet to wear it regularly then avoid buying one that has more carats. As you not only have to pay so much attention to its security but it also gets damaged quickly. In this scenario, 9 carat is the best option. You will not only pay less but you will worry less and it stays in shape for a quite long time.

What are the metals that are mixed with gold?

At the time of buying ask from a shopkeeper what are the other metals that are mixed with gold to make the bracelet. Because there are some people who are allergic to specific metal. So, if you are buying a bracelet for regular use, you have to consider it. Otherwise, late you will face a health issue.

The bracelet type you want to buy

Here the type doesn’t mean the way your bracelet look. It means the type of gold jewellery. You will so many pieces of jewellery of gold colour in the market. But not all are made of gold-plated ones. It is a type that is available at a very low price. Perfect for those who can’t spend a lot. In Gold-plated jewellery, artificial jewelry is dipped into a melted gold. It makes the artificial bracelet look like a bracelet made of real gold.

The other type is obvious, a one that is made of pure gold. Those who have a bit high budget, prefer to buy this jewellery. Because it stays in shape for more time. Also, the price of gold fluctuates, so it is a good investment. As you can sell it at a time when the gold prices are high.

What if the maintenance process of gold bracelet?

When you buy a bracelet, it doesn’t mean you are free from all worries. It became your responsibility to take care of its maintenance. Otherwise, it will not break within a few months and you will have to invest a good amount, which you may not like. So, if you are wearing it on a regular basis, don’t wear it while taking a shower or swimming. As there is a chance it fell and go deep in the drain. Also, at the time you are working in the kitchen, don’t wear it.

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