How Smartphones are Upgrading From Triple Lens Cameras to Foldable Screens

You may have observed that the face of a smartphone has changed over the years. Nowadays, you can see a large bezel-less display, triple or quad rear camera, and pop up selfie camera, AI-based processors, long-lasting batteries and much more. 

Soon, you may see phones with foldable screen to elevate your experience further. Read on this post to know what smartphone trends will dominate in 2020!   

  1. Phones with higher refresh rate screens 

Your phone may have hit lagging and sudden crash while scrolling through your phone gallery or via playing games. It won’t happen anymore as mobile phone companies are launching 5G smartphone with higher refresh rate screens. It means that your phone screen will not blur while playing games or face a sudden drop. You will have the option of setting the mobile phone refresh rate between 90Hz to 120Hz. Such refresh rate ranges have been available in smart TVs, and it will now become a reality in phones. 

  • Superfast charging 

2019 have already seen the launch of best smartphones under 10000 and beyond sporting a battery capacity as high as up to 4000-5000mAh. It has helped users to enjoy the juice and indulge in the multitasking for a long time. But having a big battery also means making your device a bit bulky, and not everyone may prefer it. Hence, the best alternative method is to include the option of fast charge. Fast charging technologies such as VooC and Flash Charges in many models across brands emerged in 2019. They helped users to charge the phone battery fast. The fast charging feature on smartphones has been appreciated by users and critics alike. A lot more brands are looking to introduce a fast charge feature in their models in 2020 so that you may go from 0 to 100% charge quickly.    

  • Foldable screens 

The trend of foldable phones is already in the market with Samsung launching its first foldable phone in 2019. It was followed by the launch of Moto RAZR 2019, a foldable phone with flip-style, and it is being expected to hit the market in 2020. In addition to such phones, brands like Xiaomi and Huawei have already teased us with foldable phones in 2019. Their models are speculated to come into the Indian market in 2020. Samsung is also looking to bring its 2nd foldable device in February 2020. 

  • More rear camera lenses 

Other than the higher megapixel cameras, the other trend that we may soon see is the growth of a higher number of rear camera lenses. You may have already seen phones with Triple and Quad rear camera lenses even in a mobile phone under 10000. But in 2020, the numbers are expected to increase. Nokia already has a phone sporting 5 rear cameras, and more brands are expected to join it in 2020. 

  • 108MP+ camera

You may have seen Oppo best mobile under mid-range price point and other branded models sporting 48MP to 64MP cameras in 2019. But you may also see 108MP and even a 200MP camera sometimes later. Yes, it may soon be a reality as Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 can support up to 200MP camera.

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