Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools for New Blog

Keywords are important to get a good rank on Google and become successful with your website or blog. How do you find these keywords? There are many tools online which help in finding and searching the right keywords. However, many of the tools are paid. This is a problem when you are a new blogger. However, you don’t need to worry. There are many free keyword tools for SEO as well.

Best Free Keyword Research Tools

You can easily use these tools to become successful with your blog. Here is a list of the top and best free keyword tools.

1. Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker has a 100% free version for keyword research and it is very good. This tool helps you find all the variety in keywords by using different data sources. With Rank Tracker, you get 23 different tools for keyword research inside. With these options, you can get a huge list of keywords and ideas. You can also check the competition of the keywords in SEO. Therefore, you can easily find out which keywords will give you the most traffic and work on them. Visit –

2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a good tool for checking the keywords you are using. You can find the average position of the keywords on the Google search page, CTRs, and impressions. Checking the data will let you find many unknown ways to discover ways to get better SEO results. Of course, this is completely free. Visit –

3. Answer the Public

Now, Google understands natural language. Therefore, keywords have become questions and phrases instead of words. Answer the Public helps you find the questions people are asking. This means you can use those keywords to rank in Google and get traffic. This tool combines the keywords with other question words like what and why. The tool then displays all the related questions. This tool is completely free. Visit –

4. Google Trends

This is another free tool from Google. Google Trends shows trending topics. It divides trends for cities, countries, and regions. This way, you will find out which keyword is trending in your location. This will drive more traffic when you use the right keywords. The tool also shows trends according to time. This way, you learn when keywords become popular. Visit –

5. Keyword Sheeter

This tool brings you to autocomplete suggestions from Google. This will help you get the best keywords ideas for your blog. The tool is very basic and easy to use. It also has filters. This way, you can find the exact ones that you need. Visit –

These are the best free tools that you can use for keyword research for your blog. Of course, you can always work with a professional SEO company and get the best results.

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