Evaluating Selenium’s Pros and Cons

Evaluating Selenium’s Pros and Cons

Selenium is one of the leading software automation testing tools that is predominantly preferred for automation software testing purposes. Automation testing has become one of the common tasks among companies as most of the companies are working in Agile these days rather than going for the traditional Software Development Life Cycle, such as Waterfall Model, Spring Model, etc. Introducing manual testing to a project that is being developed in Agile would kill the time as the tasks are done repetitively, whereas automation testing does the job pitch perfectly and helps to alter the code whenever it is needed. 

Automation testing has taken the testing field – Analysts, professionals, experts, all witnessing the impact of it. Agile and DevOps are contributing continuously to the evolution of the codes. In this aspect, Selenium is recognized by the industry as one of the most powerful tools that support test automation and a perfect blend for continuous development and delivery. For different strengths, testers and developers are moving to Selenium Automation for web app functional testing. Scripts written in Selenium are providing robust support for the test automation, Selenium became the boon for automation testing as Agile started ruling the industry.

But despite beating around the bush to praise Selenium, let’s just dig it a bit deeper to know the reason why Selenium being popular among the test automation tools. 

Browser Compatibility

With the help of Selenium, one can easily and effectively test an application to check whether they work fine across different web browsers and versions, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox and Safari. This works perfect for the developers, as they need to create the scripts in one place and then to test it across different browsers, this also provides you the option to change the language and also to customize it according to the user’s requirements.

Test Frameworks and the Ease of Integration

Being an automation engineer in Selenium, this is the best part of it. Selenium supports test automation by allowing the automation testers by integrating test execution frameworks like PHPUnit, TestNG, JUnit, etc. It also helps to integrate with other testing ecosystem and also with various other suite tools, such as Selenium Grid, OMetry, Hudson, and Saucelabs, which makes Selenium’s key strength for automation testing.

Constant Enhancement and Test-Driven Development

One of the other key strengths of the tool is the capability to scale the complex of testing – monitoring, production, and load testing. The test automation script code is flexible and it can be upgraded based on the requirements. In terms of test-driven development, agile and extreme programming communities are the two key areas where Selenium is widely used by automation testers and developers. Additionally, the Selenium Web Driver framework doesn’t require the standalone Selenium Remote Control server to be functional. Selenium also supports the Behavioral Development Test (BDT) with the help of integrating it with Cucumber, this is the reason Selenium is being preferred by a lot in the IT industry. Undergoing Selenium training in Chennaand other cities in India has got a huge chance of landing up in the Automation testing role.


Migration Risks

Risks related to migration continue with Selenium Web Driver, but they are temporary if it is well planned. When the raised issues are handled at the initial stage then the risks continue to stop and the performance can be guaranteed. But planning the process of migration is imperative. Apart from these Selenium doesn’t help to automate ‘captcha’, one of the reasons is that Selenium doesn’t support User Interface automation with the help of some other tools like Applitools, UI automation can be achieved. But regardless of the tool that is being used to automate and application hundred percent of automation isn’t possible.   Altogether, Selenium becomes the best pick for web application automation, especially in an agile environment. At this point having your hands on Selenium will be valued high. 

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