Where to Take Your Rental Car in Australia

Australia is such a unique and fascinating country that it is really a good idea to leave the city and take car rental vehicle for a short trip. Even if you are only in the country for a few days, you can still see something. There are many attractions and places of natural interest within walking distance of any large city, and if you are waiting for a long trip, there are many panoramic excursions that attract the traveler.

Short trips with car rental in Australia

If you are not interested in driving for more than half a day, these attractions will allow you to see more of Australia without being too far from your home or hotel, as appropriate.

Hunter Valley Wineries: just a few hours from Sydney, this is the perfect place to enjoy nature and take a wine tasting tour. The views here are incredible.

Gippsland: a well-known ski destination, Gippsland is nice and close to Melbourne and, during the warmer months, you can picnic here or go hiking. When they are covered with snow, these hills are perfect for testing your snowboarding skills.

The Royal Botanical Gardens: is located in Melbourne and is the epitome of botanical gardens. Here you will find more than 12,000 different types of plants, many of which are native to Australia.

Creswick Regional Park: Take a look at some live koalas and take a walk among the eucalyptus or have a picnic by the lake here. It is also a good place to try to engage in the extraction and extraction of gold if you have a permit.

Buchanan Caves: Take a tour of the incredible limestone formations in the depths of this cave system. It’s a little drive, 360km outside of Melbourne, but worth the trip. Plan a picnic outside the caves when the tour ends.

Swan Hill: less than 4 hours from Melbourne, this trip is a bit long. You will travel along the Murray River and have the opportunity to take a houseboat on the river or visit properties along the way.

Longer trips with car rental in Australia

For those looking for something a little more exciting, there are several long units available that allow you to see the Australian scene better.

The Great Southern Touring Route: It is a relatively small 807 km tour that begins and ends in Melbourne. It allows you to travel along the coast, through historic cities and take a look at the countryside of Australia.

Rodovia Matilda: a true journey of 2,725 km, is a route that will take you through very desolate areas. It is a great way to see real Australia and your best chance to meet real characters. You start in Sydney, ending in Karumba, to the north.

Great Ocean Road: the perfect trip for anyone interested in staying near the ocean. The road winds along the coast, allowing shortstops in picturesque villages and coastal towns. On your way, take a look at Port Fairy and Apollo Bay and don’t forget to try the local seafood.

One of the main advantages of renting a car in Sydney Australia is being able to move to different areas. If you are stuck with public transport, you will probably never leave the city and miss some of the incredible landscapes that Victoria has to offer. There are simply many places to see and you will miss the best without a car. A car and van rental artist from Sydney, offering its customers a free express pick-up service at various locations for personal, commercial or holiday rental cars.

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